Full STIs check

Ni wapi naeza fanya full STI checks?Affordable place please.Another place I have seen wants $200 plus for the tests.Nipeni places pocket friendly and duration to get results please wadau.

Thank me later

Corner House medical laboratory.
They are very good and thorough and if they find anything they give suggestions on available treatment options though they don’t treat.
Ni upeleke hiyo report kwa daktari.

Are you applying for porn star job or what? Hawa watu hushindwa waki fanya tests and you are not sick, don’t trouble sickness until it troubles you.

Pathologist Lancet Kenya.
They offer best laboratory services hapa ke and good thing utapata wahindi not some black bonobo who will look at you with judgey eyes

How are prices?

Nice lakini wako out of my budget


Around 6k but it depends on how many tests they have to do.

If you are taking a woman there know that diseases have window periods where they are undetectable. If you don’t trust someone don’t have unprotected sex with them bcz the very next day after you have done the tests, if she steps out, she will give you STIs and even HIV. Tests are not guarantees that you will be safe or that you are safe. What you need is to reevaluate your partner(s) and ask yourself if you trust them enough to risk your health and life on them. The only substitute to trust issues is using protection through out.

You must be taking the evening porridge naturally made by grandma with sour taste and little sugar, it normally invokes the inner spirit and let out wisdom to ooze silently especially when it is almost hot just mild

I don’t have any living grandparents. Can’t remember the last time I had porridge. But from being here I’ve realized many people are very misinformed. You think tests can protect you if you don’t trust someone they can’t. Disease is dynamic. Even eating garlic can show a positive person to be negative on Elizer test. So wacha Kutupa pesa. Deal with what really needs dealing with. Humans like placating symptoms instead of dealing with the root of the problem.

Mans gotta know if he is clean or nah

He wants to know his status. Dont just come yapping around like a goat.