Full mouth

The fack. Am seated in a Kibanda taking tea as I wait for a client across the road. Two tables away is a Mkamba from Kitikimwe in Mboooni. The dehydrated guy is talking at full volume with his mouth crammed full. Ostensibly, he is an uncle of the waiter. The waiter is at the back washing dishes, fifteen meters away… and the bigger is narrating to her how piped water is almost at their village. only 74 km away. He said this wiping a year from his eyes, and then crammed three spoonfuls of mbaazi and chapati in his mouth. It very disgusting. You all seem like the right guys to share this misfortune with. What in hell dud I ever do to nature to let me experience this…

Ukilewa enda nyumbani

what year?

:D:D:D:D:DThis sounds like a host of my close relas who I will have the pleasure of wining and dining with next year kule Kiambu Kaunday. It actually puts me off the food.:mad:why do I have to watch your tongue doing somersaults with the chapos, ndengu and wacha tuu nyam chom aka ribs zikikaam. Then they chug the tea noisily bruuubruuuu…
I am annoyed already.

Non of us would drink pourage and produce that digusting sound before our late granny !

Hehehe…tupatane Kigwash…nione:)

Sasa ukikula kwa kibanda unaexpect decorum, ingia stanley next time. Even @Panyaste detests informal eateries:D:D:D:D:D

Once on a job assignment in a team of four we landed in Sotik.
Tukachapa job since arrival at around 10am mpaka around 3pm tukaamua tuende lunch.
On enquiring tukaelekezwa a butchery just across the road penye tungepata ready fry goat meat with ugali.
Tukaenda tukapata it was a place with makeshift benches and tables made from off cut timber but that was the least of our problems. There were three such tables and we took one on one side and next to us on the next were some elderly Kalenjin men noisily eating their meat.
Nyama ikafika,tukaosha mikono and before I could take two bites one of the elderly men loudly cleared his throat ‘gwaaaaaraaaraaaraarkwaaaa’ and released a huge lump of sputum and aimed it at the door but he fell short and the greenish brown sputum hit the door frame and slowly slid down to the floor forming an ugly messy pool.
Nilitoka pole pole nikaenda kiosk next nikaitisha soda na mkate and never ventured into those food kiosks for the next 3 days I spent in Kaplong.

The guy who sits closest to me slurps his tea so loud (probably lips dead due to liking for gibleys gin) , talks with food in mouth, nikaushamba flani I think. I think etiquette is not as common sense to some, fekkin imp

Clawmatsu karibia ile kijiji ingine ya senior citizens.Ubebe personal effects na toiletries Usisahau miwani…


:D:D:D @mabenda4 siku hizi umekuwa peasant kamili?

Did you ever drink tea while there?

In my relatively long experience with vibandas, I often go to deserted ones… Come to think of it, the only time I opt to approach a crowded spot is a p.s.v otherwise Ata kwa house party nipate kwa balcony puffing on life

Never ever, but in the evenings we used to go and drink at a joint called Hotwax in Sotik town where we used to find some shady pokos dancing to Kalenjin music.Only one guy in our team was hungry enough to sample one and he never liked the experience.

:D:D you should never ask what they use a lubricant to milk their cows. He didn’t like the one that he sampled? Ama?

Those lanyes are circumcised maze . Its like fucking a brick.

na adult diaper…

Shait,…yuuuuuck, you don’t say!!?

Jana Moi Day niliitiwa mbuzi. Everything was fine until time ya kuchoma. The main guy mwenye alikuwa anachoma, every time he turns the meat, he’d lick his fingers. Wacha appetite ipotee! Sitasema vitu zingine alifanya (I didn’t see it but I could tell that he was watering the flowers). I offered to assist him- nikaongeza nyama zingine (that only I worked on to the end).