Full Covid restrictions/lockdowns by December


Not this shiet again :frowning_face:

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It’s around the corner.

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  • After years of public pressure, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was largely barred from the world’s largest social media platforms last month.
  • Jones has spent more than two decades developing his own eccentric, often harmful, occasionally dangerous brand of shock-based storytelling, which he and his followers pass off as truth-telling.
  • Now, however, Jones, 44, faces a reckoning, as many of the platforms that drove his success — most notably YouTube — have cut him off.

There’s a touch down in UK.

What are they upto this time?. Interfere with Russia, North Korea and Africa uprising?.

Social media and YouTube will have you scared of everything. Give them a break.

This time nasikia ukishikwa balls zina anguka

Mimi na @Ngimanene-Na-matharo ndio the only brave talkers hatukuvaa masks the first time na sivai hii roundi. Hata facksine sikuchukua na sichukui!

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Not this shit again