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Fellow villagers, my ex-japan just landed in the 254. Its a subaru 2014 model, mileage is about 80,000. Was asking what exactly should the first service entail? What oils do I need to change? How did you service your new car (mtumba) the very first time it landed. Here is a quotation I just got from a mechanic in Industrial Area, should I take the mech’s word for it? I don’t mind the cost as long as the car is running smoothly. All opinions are welcome.


Here we go…

Replace engine oil and filter
• Rotate tires and inspect for wear
• Inspect tire condition and adjust all tire pressures including spare
• Remove, inspect and service front and rear brakes
• Inspect and adjust all fluid levels including both differentials
• Inspect operation of all lights, wipers and washers
• Inspect and adjust drive belt tension if necessary
• Service battery
• Inspect axle boot condition
• Lubricate all latches, hinges and locks
• Inspect all steering and suspension components
• Check under body for damage
• Test coolant, inspect hoses and clamps
• Inspect engine and cabin air filters – replace if necessary • Wheel alignment (recommended)*
• Road test

source- https://www.subaru.ca/content/7907/media/general/webimage/500k/2012_maintenanceposter_en.pdf

Has the mechanic checked the sparkplugs and confirmed you need to change?.

No need to change air cleaner for now. Japan sio vumbistan.

Why is he quoting fuel filter? I doubt the car has one.

In the meantime, weka chassis number on this site to confirm kama mileage ni ya ukweli.


Thanks man, going through everything.

Inasema 79872

Just go to the nearest total or shell station for regular service where they change oil, oil filter and air filter, total cost about 3k.

You are lucky. Its rare to see subarus with such low mileage. Most imports are 150k plus.

Confirm if it’s CVT, coz transmission fluid is different from auto

Don’t fuck with the car. change oil and oil filter and drive.

This is what I did with my Peugeot… 3 years now and running strong

80k haijaenda sana , problems start from 100k in most cars. My first car , I did not know ikifika it needs service.I just drove until someone told me its slow on the hills. I serviced for 3,500 at Total and continued ,mlima ilikuwa inapanda na 130. I later changed plugs a year later and I could comfortably look at Prado drivers on a hill climb. Pads sisi tunauziwa 2500 za mbele,2,000 za nyuma. Subaru is special.

Tafuta Subaru express service or mass East Africa. The workshop is at CBC centre industrial area. That’s where I go for service. You get genuine parts and good quality service and they maintain records of your car to keep track of maintenance. You don’t need to change anything other than oil and just get a check up of all other things. The guys there are not greedy in terms of recommending things you don’t need.

Everything here is over quoted. Go look for spares on your own huko industrial area.

Labour in 800/- for oil change. Ikipita 1500/- unaibiwa.

The car is preferably in good condition. A car with such a mileage has all parts working well. Like the way @Rene Descartes amesema, change oil and oil filter and drive

Thank you, I just noted down their number and I will be there on Monday bright and early.

Why should you even change the drain plug kwani imepotea ama iko damaged?

Tell me how it goes. I’ll be there this coming weekend for some suspension service.

Congrats. I’ve always thought you have a crown

Forgot to get back but I visited the guys and they indeed know their craft. Mose alinisort kabisa and they got me hooked. Going on a Friday evening was a bad idea though coz the clubs in the entrance were fully packed and getting through was chaos.

Safi sana. It’s good to hear of a good experience.