Full beam Assholes, why do you do it?

People who switch on their full beams unnecessarily , what drives you to do it?

The only solution is to return the favor…

“Ayayaya, huyu jama ananichoma hivyo na full lights, wacha niwoneshe pia mimi najua kuweka”

Congratulations now both of you can’t see making it more likely shit would happen.

Most time if you flush them they dim them…

Kuna Jamaa aliweka footlong LED lights Kwa bumper .akiwasha full lights inabidi usimame kwanza apite

Mimi humwashia then nadim. Ukiendelea na hiyo ujuaji nakujenga full


Yep, i have encountered those idiots with after market led light… those thing should be banned.

In every situation you come across on the roads, it’s pointless to get maimed or die coz you were in the right.
Give way to the asshole, dim your lights and in just a matter of seconds you are away from the moron.
It will cost you nothing and probably save you a lot.
Drive wisely.

Wewe unatumianga boda boda wacha chocha

Na kama hana gari?

The only solution is to do the same, make sure yours is more powerful. Ili iwe funzo

Si anunue gari… saitan:D

They are not all assholes some have a poor eyesight and can’t really see well. Think of an old mum who got late/stuck in traffic. Just try and flash you lights, if they don’t dim theirs but you can still see albeit with some difficulty, just dim yours and concentrate your eyesight to the left part of the road and move ahead…it’s only for a few seconds anyway. If they dim theirs well and good.

Don’t act like a casual labourer who just got into his boss’s car and has something to prove to the world.

The idea is to flush them…majority of the time they respond by deaming thier lights .

Finally cleaning your wipers regularly and your windshield with a proper synthetic cleaner can increase visibility by a large proportion. Take time to clean your windshield.

I usually add a windshield detergent into my windshield water tank to ensure my visibility is top notch. This will decrease your urge to blast full lights when driving.

You have perfectly described @Randy

Hapo niku reduce speed tuu

Wewe uliuzwa swali na @Jimit ukajifanya hujaona rudi kwa hio thread ujibu ghassia!