Fuel Tax Must Be Implemented From Tomorrow - CS Rotich

Treasury CS Rotich insists 16pc VAT on fuel will be implemented as it is law; says MPs move to suspend implementation by two years null and void.

I thought tume epuka…

Law passed by who?


At least this battle will force the executive to stop borrowing recklessly. MPs wakae ngumu. CS Rotich should figure out a way of repaying debt not just hitting fuel every time. This push and pull between the executive and the legislature will reduce over-borrowing because Rotich will have to think very hard how to pay first.

Kwani siku hizi laws are made at treasury?

I will quote my namesake, He Said,

[SIZE=4]“Rotich may actually be following the law and as of now he is the one who can decide to extend the suspension of this fuel levy which parliament approved in 2016, and was not even an item in the Finance Bill, 2018. The provision was actually not on the Finance Bill but there was moratorium in 2016 which had deferred this to this year. So in essence, Rotich could be right. In this case the proposals were presented in the 2016 Finance Bill. Parliament in its wisdom put a moratorium on the effective date to be September 2018. Now that time has come. The only thing they could have done is to amend the VAT Act which they haven’t.”[/SIZE]

As a talker said, they will increase little by little, 10,10 ,10 until we hit ksh 130

ndio nashindwa

By Parliament in 2013. Its in Finance bill 2013, deferred for 2 years 2016, deferred again for 2 years to September 2018.
The correct way is for parliament to amend VAT act 2013. That is the act which introduces Vat on petroleum product

I wonder if he was following the law when he killed the sugar industry. As if that was not enough, he added insult to injury by exempting cartels from paying taxes. He is now “robbing” the poor who now include jobless sugarcane farmers to pay the new loans borrowed to pay other loans while some of those he is associated with pilfer with impunity from public coffers. He should accept that he has erred and humbly resign.

Rotich atajua hajui, a member of parliament will table a vote of no confidence motion before the house, more than 2/3rds will vote in the affirmative.

Huyu Rotich kwanza is facing impeachment from politicians wametoka sugar growing areas of Kenya. Nakubaliana na hao wabunge, Rotich ang’olewe

If the MPs were the one who made that law and deferred it 2 times it follows that they have powers to defer it again, ama?

Was it assented into law in 2013 by the president? Did the bill become an act especially that VAT part?

If not rotich ni panganga

He is getting instructions from higher authority.
After kumngoa we will have to restrategize as Kenyans.
If this is implemented, Uhuruto will suffer a major blow.
End of rant

The ACT was part of Finance Bill 2013. This was part of the measures to increase revenue collection.
Hii ndio ile part Rotich says am increasing tax of beer, cigarette by bla bla. BUT in his own statement afterwards, he did defer it for 2 more years. The deferment was STILL part of the Finance Bill 2013.
So as a whole it was enacted vye iko.
Sasa, come 2016 budget. Timeline ya hio deferment was due. So in Finance bill 2016 he deferred it again for 2 more years upto 2018. The finance bill was enacted as it is.
Come 2018, they was no mention of any deferment ndio maana automatically it has come into law.
First, Rotich did not defer it now na the mother Act was enacted in 2013.
Sijui kama ume understand…

The only thing that will make me hate Ruto more is if an year or few months to 2022 election influences fuel votes to go down for votes like they did to unga .

Wakiongeza petroleum price hatuchagui Jubilee in 2022

For example just think once,what is it that should be done.