I went to Naivasha last week, halfway through the journey I noticed a loud humming sound coming from the car, I pulled over to check where it was coming from, it was not from the engine, it came from under the back seat. I thought it was the fuel pump. I took it to a mech and he said it’s normal, I insisted that the pump hums but not that loud. I’ve been driving it for a week but lately its hard starting, is this a pump problem? Am thinking of changing it tomorrow.

Hiyo labda ni exhaust tu imetoboka pahali.

Kelele naskia ikitoka kwa fuel tank… Alafu nkiweka gari on, the fuel pump hums louder than it used to…

Wacha @introvert atwambie kama ako na idea.

If you are 100% sure its coming from the fuel tank, the only mechanical part in the fuel tank is the fuel pump and therefore its the only component that can make noise from hapo ndani. If I were you and didnt mind too much loosing about 4k (general cost of fuel pumps) if I am wrong, I would change it and see what happens.

But some of our kenyan mechanics should be shot. Ati “its normal”?

Why do you want to fix something that isn’t broken yet?
Plus, the buzz from a submersible pump is barely audible.
I have connected two high-pressure Benz 126 inline pumps in series for my chicken coop. The sound is louder than the engine idling.

lift the backseat, listen to it properly then just replace. mtumba is cheap. new ones even 100k is not outrageous.

I guess it depends on the car. Fuel pumps are generally a standardised item for japanese cars. Kinda like an oil filter or air filter. Hapo kirinyaga road, they cost 4-5k for a japanese fuel pump and about 2k for a chinese one. Ofcourse if you go to the dealer I.e Toyota Kenya, it will cost alot more.

I don’t want to wait till I stall on the road, plus the car has started hard starting, I’ll replace it tomorrow at ksh2500 and see what happens

A loud merc pump is a good warning for imminent pump failure so about time for stocking a spare in advance. of course as you are aware, for a merc 126, motor noise under backseat usually ni vacuum pump. The locks will be sluggish.

But for op, if the hard start is related to the noise then I guess it is the fuel pump. Sijui make ya op ni?

Ile kesi yako na nduthi iliendaje??

Insurance walituma investigators, nkaambiwa nsiongee na mwenye aliumia, hadi wa leo sijawai skia hiyo maneno tena.

A fuel pump is either working or its not.
And it doesn’t give you any warnings,it just stops working.

I changed the pump today only to find the fuel filter is clogged with mud, I’ll change it tomorrow and give you guys the results tomorrow [ATTACH=full]199144[/ATTACH]

new pump for some landcruisers from the dealer will go for 75K. and this is a toyota.

mozilla hii gari nasumbua wewe sana. Eventually itakuwa poa lakini 150k itakuwa imekunywa maji. Wakenya huwa hawafanyi maintenance ya gari.