Fuel prices UP, Just As I Had Predicted 2 Weeks Ago

Diesel goes up by 17 Bob in Nairobi
Kerosene up by 2 Bob
Petrol up

Ni wewe ulipredict ama ni @Kimakia?

Kimakia amefanya nini.

Petroli imepanda na a cool 18bob.

Nani alipredict?
Hanawai mambo ya hike (exact figures) tulikonfamiwa asubuhi na guka @Meria Mata.

The whole world knew there would be engineering to bring the prices back up. Trump even praised himself for the role he played in ensuring they climb again. And that was more than two weeks ago. No rocket science here.

Prices have gone up from minus 37 to $40 per barrel.
And you predicted our local prices would rise?
Did you also predict the rising of the sun today?