Fuel prices keep going up

When was the last time that fuel prices went down?
Petrol price goes up by Sh2.13 per litre starting midnight to retail at Sh106.3 while diesel goes up by Sh2.39 to retail at Sh98.82. #FuelPrices

Commodity prices will go up, elections are no joke. Zambia have held a couple of elections in the last 7 years, and that have really crippled their economy.

In July 2017, Petrol dropped by a shilling.
Fuel prices drop for the second month in a row | Nation

Ata barrel ikiuzwa $30 we still didn’t get any reprieve ati hadi wamalize stock

Damn…so we should expect shit to continue getting worse in the foreseeable future?

:eek::eek::eek::eek:. #tanofresh #bilalube

The only thing that’s low in Kenya ni low esteem, everything else ni high .

Narudi petrol station saa hii. Aaaaaah second term!!

nothing will ever be good for the majority kenyans.

It’s ferked up…alafu the main issue is that once prices go up it’s really hard for them to come down

and funny thing is that the taxes cost 39.8 shillings per litre. yaani, govt knows it hurts but they just keep on extracting.
it pains me especially for those using kerosene.

Nimejaza tanki.Lazima pesa ilitumika during campaign irudi


There was a time it hit 119bob per litre.I think it is headed back there

mchezo yao ni kupandisha na 2bob wanashukisha na 1bob 2018 gonna be harrrrd…

Cost of living get so high, rich and poor start to cry, now the weak must get strong they say ooh what a tribulation.Them belly full but we hungry.

So much that the hole will be indiscernible.

International prices are up as well so si ati Kenyans we are special . Lowest was July 2017 when diesel dropped to Ksh 85