Fuel Prices Fall By Figures NEVER SEEN Before in Kenya, Petrol Down By Ksh 18 Per Liter

Wait for the silver lining tonight.

Demand for petrol is very low, people who regularly commute via personal cars are working from home,

Ironic that diesel used by most essential service providers are the ones with the lowest price drop

This is the first time that i have witnessed diesel being more expensive than petrol in Kenya.

About time. Crude oil is currently $21 per barrel.

Petrol, which has been more expensive than diesel was 68 ksh during Kibakis time.

Yaani nimekimbia nione petrol ni pesa ngapi lakini fools in this thread from the person who started the thread to the followers are all talking about fuel without quoting the new price of fuel. How much is the new price of petrol and diesel, tuanzie hapo.

Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene will now retail at Kshs.92.87, Kshs.97.56 and Kshs.77.28 respectively in Nairobi starting midnight. Check out the prices at a town near you.

Jaza kitu

Fuel is cheaper than they want us to believe.

Crude oil is cheaper.
We buy refined oil. Refining has fixed costs not determined by the price of crude.

Hapo kwa diesel tumegongwa, but it’s the primary fuel source for industries, lazima Kongagi and Co. wanukishe kitungu

You are funny. Refining costs are fixed it is known, but why did the cost go down? Because the price of the price of the crude oil went down.