Fuel Consumption

Wadau how do I reduce the fuel consumption of my 2000cc petrol automatic saloon car. Plugs ziko Sawa, throttle checked, engine in perfect running condition. Ideally it should be doing 10km per litre but currently doing 5km.
Saidieni Eastlands Birionaire.

Mafuta yalipanda , umekua wapi ??

Ignition coil zako ziko na tape kwa tails?

Nozzle ziko sawa?

Cylinder head ishawahi grindiwa?

A 2000cc car should average 14km/ltr whenever you do over 70km journeys

Driving habits, chunga acceleration na kufinyafinya brake. From hundredier wa Kiamaiko.
Niliona bei imepanda tukaelewana na muhindi I work from home twice in week.

Kama unaishi Mombasa Road then theres your problem right there

Amesema Km per Liter not Ksh per Litre…The first is not affected by fuel prices.

Msongamano na consumption nzuri haiskizani. Tumia gari safari ndefu ndio utajua kama ina shida.

Oxygen sensor which regulates air to fuel ratio?

Engine still intact, hijafunguliwa except changing spark plugs only. Engine hasn’t had any major mechanical problem.

Let me get this checked ASAP.

Air filter?

Air filter new, replaced less than a month ago.

Let me collect you kiasi,
I have driven over long distances, KCF fielder 1498cc, this year January, well maintained car and it was consuming 13.2 km per litre, KDC fielder 1490cc on May, consuming 17.7 km per litre. My measurements were to perfection.
From my little driving of vehicles over short distance which are not fielder 1500cc, a1800cc roughly consumes 12 km per litre if it’s well maintained, 2000 cc will consume 10-12 km per litre.

Just sell it and upgrade. Even a diesel Cx5 does 15km per litre.

I am saying this knowing so well what I am saying.

I drive hating brakes so much

And ferrk you don’t give me number plates umbwa ghaseer and ferrk you for bringing Toyota into my day

Gari za 2.0 and above avoid traffic. They’re good for long distances but kwa jam ni balaa,

Fuc.k you too ngombe hii. That’s my story, if it’s unfit for your consumption, ignore and fukking move on.

Try checking the MAF sensor. Ideally get a scanner with deep dive and see the mix ratio. Try checking the exhaust with your finger and tell us how the soot looks like.

MAF sensor is the culprit …the system is too rich

Anza na checking the mass air flow sensor. But also have the entire combustion system thoroughly checked. Imbo spark plugs and air filters can also significantly reduce your fuel efficiency. Ditto sensors, coils etc