Fuckchieth Strikes Again


what is the BACK:D:D story?



Hizi consipracy theories zinaboo sasa… Huwa siamini mtu wa akili anaeza fikiria hivi…anyway, she died of suicide.

It is perfectly normal to die of a heart attack at 18, you must be a biden hater and a supporter of putin, bobo sario wa brazil na trump.

You did not also comdem the brutal murder of chiloba by his homophobic ‘roommate’

You must be a right wing nut, and you refused the vaccine because of hate.

Me and my family have been vaccinated 5 times and we are looking forward for a sixth booster.

A few of us has been having bad side effects like one with myocarditis but it could have been worse without a vaccine.

Please vaccinate as soon as the vaccine is available for your age group.

Sisi tunangojea the sixth booster na hatuogopi, ata kama tutakufa we will happly take one for the team.

I know athletes wanakufa but saa hii huko ulaya ni baridi inafanya hivo.

Get your booster vaccine as soon as you can.

Upus… It is not perfectly normal for the world’s fittest athletes to die of heart problems with such regularity.
Wokism peleka Reddit. Hio ndio echo chamber yenyu

I’m glad I am not in a woke country…ati 6th booster. Kwani umekuwa kuku inadungwa imee haraka? I have never been vaccinated and I don’t plan on…but do you

Read the comments dumb dumb


Priss wacha tudungwe, its the only way we can show love.
The mRna is safe and effective, pray for danar hamlin it is not the vaccine,

Ata kama you are right antivaxxer wewe show some love.

Weeeechee, soma from right to left ngombe.