Fuck this rains

my maize are withering under fiery sun .fuck nature men. 20 acres and I personally held the plough. I am planning kuhamia timboroa or burnt forest nikipata enough dough na nioe a dark tall kalenjiga kina @langatkipro wasinifukuse huko coz hapa cambodia life is becoming ‘hot’ each year.
Uncle @uwesmake @Abba @Mundu Mulosi huko mulembe ka hactrare ni how much? Are you accomodative to watermelons?

Maybe you should drill borehole and do irrigation instead of waiting for the rains I hear kamba land is very fertile and they normally harvest slot of food when there’s enough rain.

JAreeer come learn from WE ARABS how to employ Irrigation.

Sad that you talk of Agriculture and are weather-dependent.

Mbica ni muhimu.

Kuja tranzioa, an acre range ni 700- 1.2

2020… do a rain dance if you cant keep up withtechnology… water pump ni 7k tu…

Shut up somali noogle .farming isn’t selling second hand mitumba in eastleigh

very fast …isikuwe Tuna advice wet dream ya Mkamba mshienzz

waiting for mbisha with advise

Sick Puppy umechoka kulima?


Tran Nzoia wapi?

Wait the harvest time on April 2020 and u will know wat we do here. Meanwhile I can see some dark clouds

My advice is investing in irrigation. The cost may be high but with better returns. This aside i have lived in westeen for a while and the irony is that it rains through out the year though akina @Uncle hawapendi comercial farming

Ngite! Kama unangoja mahindi ya mvua expect losses. Watu walishasonga to irrigation. Tembea susu centre uone how many drilling companies have opened offices hapo.

You see nigga, I do what I found elders doing. U irrigate veges, tomatoes but large scale maize farming we rely on rainfall. If am a ngite it’s okey

Mbona Ngilu hakuwaletea maji na alikuwa minister of water and irrigation?

You might as well use donkey carts to travel, and send smoke signals instead of ranting here. The only constant thing in life is change. Embrace technology kijana. Anza na vitu simple kama waterpan kama wewe ni peasant

do people understand the kind of money needed to irrigate 20 acres?

Am not as rich as ruto to irrigate many hactraes mtu ukimbia kulingana na mfuko wake. Na siwezi uza kabatt nipate pesa ya that intensive farming ghassia. I minimise expenses to maximize output

Some people here don’t understand things they just talk to impress multitude but in reality things are hard. Meanwhile elders told me money accumulate slowly and by the time u are at 50s You are real millionaire. This yahoo boys think everything is as easy as eating

Yes we know. You make it sound like its an insane amount kama referendum. A waterpan, solar pump and a few pipes you are good to go.

Maize lakini aint worth irrigating, ndio uuze gunia 2,500 nkt. Thats why hiyo upuss ya mahindi iliachiwa kalenjingas. Sahii vegetables everywhere eastern because of sensitization of drip irrigation.