Fuck Panyaste

@Panyaste★ dressed in yellow juu chini with two iPhones back from ujeru.
Live from JKIA[ATTACH=full]291047[/ATTACH]
JN: Mr Adibas, sorry , Panyaste. Unashime Sana, what do you do for a living?

Panyaste : I’m a business man. Jack of all trades I’ll keep it short.

JN: but there have been rumours that you are a Donda huku Kenya.

Panyaste : tusikosana Juliana.

JN: also they say wewe ni house wife Wa blaze pale ujeru. Blaze anakulisha… we have evidence

Uwes hii ni fail huwezi fikia @Panyaste★

wewe tulisema the first step of being gày is getting interested in other men. The second is to suck your own dick. The third is by creating pink handles. Right now, you’ve gone through all the stages. na uko hapa ukifuatana na wanaume tena ghasia

Maliza hiyo midget.



@uwesmatako apa umeanguka mtihani. @Chokoste★ ndo baba lao … hii ya leo haina comeback, alikuchapa 8 NIL.

:D:D:D:D:D kali sanaa maliza hio midget homosexual @Panyaste★

Fail…huge fail. LMFAOOO :D:D:D

Unafaa ukaangaliwe kichwa coz umetupa mbao

See this one. Haunanga akili brary fwaken siet