Fuck ole gunar

I remember Liverpool’s disappointing performance some few seasons ago. I feel you manchieth fans :smiley: believe me.

Woodward is good financially but a cripple football wise. He will take Man U down the rabbit hole. You will miss David Gill. For sure

They should announce relegation

Liverfools must be feeling like they’re in heaven right now. UEFA Champions League Winners,2 Golden boots,Golden glove ya Allison,UEFA Super Cup Winners,100% Start in EPL, Ballon D’or itakuwa ya Van Dijk, and I’m sure they’ll win the FIFA Club World Cup.

The straw that broke the camel’s back ni vile walikata kuleta players like Mandzukic,Erikssen,Dybala and for goodness sake Bruno Fernandez. Ata CR7 was shocked. We are doomed to mid table or relegation. Umeffi kabisa