Fuck ole gunar

Its timre for this maasai mother faka to go. I have never seen such a clueless guy

True - he’s out of his depth

the guy is a legend man, calm down

Majama wamekua waki walk tu kwa pitch. This season tukifikisha 50 goals ni bahati

season ya Manchester inanzanga bada ya Christmas, mtulie

Why play young in defence and tuanzebe is available…alafu matic is past his sell by date

manchester blue

red devils

Napenda sana:D:D:D

at this rate ata Europa league qualifications kwa Man-u itakuanga T.B.T

Young ni meffi huyo Mzee afuate @gashwin pale embu wakuwe wanakula mashakura pamoja. Khasia yeye

It has nothing to do with Ole. The team is just average, needs a total overhaul. The richest club in the world now has Lingard as main striker. Disjointed midfield with zero creativity that neither covers the back four nor feeds the attack force. It will take a long time to rebuild Man United.

Sir alex ferguson won the league with the likes of wes brown, john oshea et al. TIME TO SACK THAT NORWEGIAN FRAUD

I’m a disgruntled Man U fan. I hope we lose all our games this season and suffer losses in the financial markets,if that’ll make them overhaul the mediocre players,Mediocre Ole, mjinga Woodward and bullchieth Glazers. Hiyo Arab Takeover ikuje sasa.kila game ni umeffi tu.

Shida si Ole. Shida haikuwa Mourinho ama Van Gaal ama Moyes. Shida ni Ed Woodward. During his reign, our scouting network has all but collapsed. We end up buying players because they’re available not because they are the right fit. Contrast that with Liverpool for instance. They have addressed their goal keeping deficiencies (Alisson), sorted their defence(Van Dijk) brought in complete midfielders (Wijnaldum/Fabinho) and not forgetting the front three who all came in as unknowns or untested but are now world beaters.
None of our acquisitions since Fergie left can be said to have had an impact to the scale of Liverpool’s acquisitions. Our current situation makes me appreciate Mourinho’s pedigree because he at least has a trophy or two to his name. With the squad he’s got. I can’t see Ole ever lifting a trophy as Man U manager.

Woodward hana shughuli na club

Kwani kulienda aje?

Haka kaumbwa should retire bure kabisa.

OGS for president

Relax. The team is finished