This has to be the most incompetent government agency. For the last 3 days we have been in darkness and these fuckers didnt seem to be bothered to come fix the power issue. Finally they fixed the problem but due to their incompetence it appears that they did a shoddy job. Since today morning tumekuwa na shida ya dim lights and also the lights keep flickering on and off. This shit is annoying to the core. I cant do anything completely cant even charge my phone. I cant also step foot in the company where I work lest tuanze kusumbuana na some stupid Meru HR who has an attitude from here to Timbuktu with her annoying Meru accent. We need another company to supply power to Kenyans.


Anyone who tries go enter the electricity supply business in Kenya will be frustrated to oblivion.


That’s some shit. Ile incompetence iko hapo ndani is exasperating.

Dont say it man. Were they also insinuating that they would want to venture in supplying internet?
How are they gonna do that if they cant handle what they are supposed to.

Naweza pata namba ya meru hr?

Yeah unaezapata. 0723MATAKOYAKO.

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Kuna siku a transformer blew up wakakuja after two weeks to replace it with another transformer that blew up a day later.

Issue za brownouts na intermittent blackouts hao huchukua muda kufix. You call them to report issue ya twenty blackouts in a day and the idiot at the other end asks “saa hii stima iko ama haiko?”

Very stupid employees kwa hii company.

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Naleta balcony solar ya watu kama nyinyi wa apartment

insider aliniambia meno kubwa waliiba pesa ya transformers… sahii they are recycling and most places are having similar issues or worse :rofl: :rofl: pole, masaibu inaeza tengenzwa soon or never

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mtu anachija ngombe anakamua anexpekti

It has been worse since the Kenya Kwanza government took over