Fuck...!! I didn't know.


Am I the only one who is never lucky in meeting friends we used to school with??

Anyway, I met a chick we were in the same class. I didn’t like her, alikuwa mstingy sana na there’s a way she had an irritating laugh I just wanted to avoid her through out the time I was in school but yeye alikuwa anapenda kujipendekeza kwangu sana. I avoid having female friends ju wanawake wanakuanga na drama.

So she was like, hey gee, long time…!! How have you been?? You still with bae?? "

Kwanza I was sort of confused coz since tuliachana tukiwa class eight I have never communicated or seen her… It’s been more than ten years since I saw her, which bae is she talking about?? :confused::confused:
I was confused. So she decides to break the silence.

I meant Sam. How’s Sam??

Tf, I have never seen him all I had was the pictures I had taken. Shit, bae?? :rolleyes:

Yaani, Gee why are you so slow?? Why didn’t you see that he was in love with you??

Let me tell you about my “relationship” with Sam.
So since class five we used to be together… Eating together, basically the whole day we were together… We always made sure we were desk mates. Sam was cute, chocolate, perfect smile and he was a funny guy.
He used to book me a seat in the school bus and wherever I got late he would wait for me at the school gate. Well, he was so sweet.

Since we used to go to school on satos he made sure he bought me some chocolates (Cadbury), milk shake and cupcakes. Saa i didn’t have to buy anything or carry lunch. Na tukikosana he would time me anaeka hizo bars of chocolates in my desk when am not there.
That was the trend hadi class eight. Even teachers knew we were inseparable. I remember one day he was really sick yet we had exams. I couldn’t even concentrate, I took his paper and did his exam for him too. We got the same score :D:DThe thing is that I didn’t know that he loved me, mimi all along I thought we were bff’s… Was I slow??

Sam if you are reading this am sorry. I miss you so much and my wish is that I see you again.

Since then they moved and I have never seen nor heard from him again. :(:frowning:

My friend here Judy was surprised I had no idea Sam had feelings for me. She just laughed :frowning:

It’s too late now.

A lady who can’t read the signs.

This is helpless. Book your attachment.

Hihi… Heck, we were just kids

@introvert rusungu nalemea sisi sana. Kuja hapa.na hio punda mateke yako.

chocolates (Cadbury), milk shake and cupcakes?

Ulisema ulisomea kitale? o_Oo_O issokey, mungu anakuona my deer gee

This is in primary [/INDENT]

Just kids. By the time I was in nursery. I was in my second girlfriend. I used to dry fry Her in the latrines after breaktime.

Wewe si ni Ed ulikuwa ukifwata? Meanwhile, Sam is on this forum in case you weren’t aware. He’s still trying to get to you. Here he calls himself @Okwonkwo

10 years ago you were in class eight. Hii kitu inaonekana hiana milage sana.

kifaranga inaeza kuwa imeona miti mingi kushinda mama

Sawa Gee. Obi Okwonkwo aliamka ama bado amelala? Ulimpatia dosi gani?

Achana na hio ngombe…

Nilimtoa kafara… :slight_smile:

woooi Gee, kwanini?

Ananisumbua sana

Padre umewai tomba dem kwa mcoondu ?

You must be those late bloomers that started nursery aged 12.


Mpe chenye anataka pls.

jaribu nun mmoja ni muoto sanaaaa