Hey guys,i used to watch epl match every saturday 18:00 hrs at RTNC 1 channel satellite RASCOM QAF 1R @ 3’E C BAND .But im not sure if they broadcast in weekdays too.So i would like to share what i knows.

now translate to osungu

vile amesema

Kuna EPL on PTV sports kwa paksat 38E 4004V Cband.

Mimi bado niko chemist, ongea na @Meria Mata na dr. Murugu aka @Luther12

Still loading 2016, will be back


PakSat 1R and IS-20, both C-band.

Mimi ni cleaner :D:D

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Nss12 don’t disappoint either

Exactly! Ongeza NSS-7 hapo pia.:slight_smile:

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Netting ap7,Is20. +. 57

Which is the focal LNB? Dish size?

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Is20, 8ft nrb