Frustrating Safaricom

Is it just me or is there anyone suffering from this unsolicited marketing and promotional messages from Safaricom that keep deducting my airtime. It is so disappointing that this have now become a trend with them.

Unafungua simu unadhani crush amereply kumbe ni message ya safaricom

Dial *100# > My Subscriptions.

I placed safaricom on the spam list. Hiyo ujinga ya promotional messages after every transaction ikaisha.

I have done that multiple times, but they always send some new marketing messages.

If it’s not in your subscriptions list I don’t think they can charge you. Just block the number. Myself, I have more than twenty numbers blocklisted.


If you can prove airtime has been deducted for anything you did not subscribe to, go to
And zusha.

I don’t have nothing that cuts my airtime apart from me calling or texting someone. Check your subscriptions and promotional services halafu you unsubscribe.


Safaricom ya capital letters ndio hutuma upuss. Ya small letter husema credit imeisha and such. Block both na true caller

Just go to messages app on your phone, highlight hao maghasia alafu touch the round icon. Block and report spam. I have never and never will instlall true caller.

Mbona umeblock Denniz Mugo…huyo jamaa ako na tabia ya kuomba maboyz thutha…ulijipata kwa wishlist yake au nini?

Airtel kwanza ni worse, wanaweza tuma 5 messages in a day.

Block option was probably invented by an introvert

What’s with the Jewish number?