From Zimmerman to Mombasa by night 2

This is the second part of my hekaya, of how an ordinary night(of drinking) that started in Zimmerman ended in Mombasa without prior planning. #vituko za walevi.

After mechanic kusema haji, - wacha nitumie lugha yenye @karema-hitI - ataelewa, AFTER mechanic kusema hakuji, tukaenda hadi town/cbd/gishuka/nyairofi/shamba la mawe chagua moja. We started from the infamous tea room, kutoka huko tukaenda club batis, Tribeca, mojos, and each club we were going, he was ordering bottles.
All those places were hoping to, he never asked me for even a single cent, i was very curious, but i brushed the thoughts. Who wouldn’t, i was having fun.
Earlier, i told you that this friend of mine, let’s call him KC(anapenda coconut sana) , alinichukua kwa job ki ghafla, so i still had the keys to the office. After kutoka club napata my business partner amekol a hundred times, asking where I’m i. As he wanted the keys to retrieve some consignment from the office.
Nikashindwa what will i do, and the night is getting interesting. I’m never short of plan bs.nikaenda kwa stage , found a a conductor i knew, gave him za macho, and the keys, called my associate and told him the vehicle i had given the keys.
Now it was time to party, i felt a huge load off my back. Now let me tell you something guys, you can’t question a person who is paying the bill, it’s an unwritten universal rule. So we found ourselves back in river road kusafisha mecho na rungu. The guy paid a lanye for me, i didn’t dissapoint, threshold ya kunguru ilifikishwa.
Around sa tisa tulijipata ambassador, sabina joy by then ilikua imetoka jikoni, not the way it was two years prior, no pungent smell, the traffic was minimal, it was on Tuesday if I’m not wrong. Very good gypsum lighting, big screens, the face lift was superb.
Lanyes walianza kutegua thing lands when we started ordering mbottles, some were hungry, very hungry,sambusa na mayai zikipita tunasema wapatiwe, chakula siwezi nyima mtu, but pombe “ntakunyima”. Then again juu it was already dawn, mashosholite ndio walikuwa, type za uwesmakende,
If you suffer from low virility and pre mature ejaculations you should try drinking Guinness, (though i don’t suffer from such) then you come and tell us the difference.
Nilichagua one petite, sichukui mtu ako na kitambi kama mimi, she rode me like there is no tomorrow. I put on my clothes na nikatoka hapo kwa parking.
I started talking na taxis guys, while waiting for KC, nikachoka, nikaingia kwa gari reclined my seat and slept.
I soon dozed of, and i was woken by a tap on the window, shit, i was freezing, sikuwa na jacket. So kc alienda kukamua ma liar, he came a happy person.
He started the engine and of we went, nowhere in particular, but tulijipata kwa a certain petrol station juu the car was reading low. Ilikuwa saa kumi na tukauliza petrol attendant huku ni wapi. He was “hapa ni athi river, mayakos County”. Tuliangaliana tukaanza kucheka, kc was like “tuthie mambathah?, (we go Mombasa) and i was like” eni, tutithie okoro we na thegethege, " (yeah, let’s go if at all you have money) underestimating a drunkard works like a charm, especially if he has money, they can do anything to prove they have money. NB v8 iliwekwa pombe full tank, and he paid using a visa card.
Things were taking a new turn, and was in confusion of what madam would say, and again my business partner.

The first stop we made, was at 8am, but jua ilikua inasema saa sita, kameme fm ilibadilika ikawa sauti ya pwani fm. We slept for two good hours, then safari ikaendelea in the next thread. Sorry guys juu ya kupima hekaya.

Wtf, what have i just read

hapo kwa kukamua lanye should be vivid

Since am a victim of this type of Hekaya, I’ll take it like piriton. Nice one.

ehehe nice one finish it up. impromptu happenings always turn out great


Nimechoka ku type… I will expound later… Juu the lanyes we eated ni wengi sana


I know what i mean mblo , it’s not a typo :p:D

mblo malisa stolo

i can now relate to how that guy got to Japan… Time Travel CHECK… Loading 30% Auto pilot check 50 50

Taured. The nigga disappeared in thin air