From the horses mouth


:D:D:Dfirst pussyholder i have heard saying unethical when it comes to dick size:D

Hio kitu yenye mtoi hupitia cant be satisfied. Its as big as an air ballooon

Kuna madem wamesema zii wanataka 9-10 mtu akareply “congrats on your deep dish pussy”:D:D
But kuna madem wenye ni “size queens”. The bigger the more they feel wakona ndume. Hence the shaming tactics “your dick isn’t big enough to be talking to me like that”

She’s just out to massage the egos of some disabled men out there.

Wamama wa over 40s wenye wamezaa ndio hupenda horse sized dicks…

Your dick is small.

Your woman will only orgasm from 20% of your penis or first 3 inches, whatever comes first. Most erogenous zones of the vagina are on the outer vagina. Everything else, depth wise, is for your own pleasure and ego, especially the latter.

small dicked nigga shut the fuck up and deal with your mid life crisis pole pole. Senji

Niko na 8" inches hapa na sisumbui. I call it the PhD. Pretty Huge Dick. Am gonna use it to satisfy @Sambamba 's mum.

Girth girth girth… and do you have a “dick pulse” … the rest is abunuasi tales…

Sounds like something that a small dicked nigga would say

And this sounds like something an intern at bedroom matters would say. Try kunyaza style with your woman tonight, then tell us tomorrow about how many inches she needed for an orgasm.

I only have sex for a good time. If she hasn’t cummed after I cum, she can cum on her way home.

:D:D:D:D:D no wonder the whiteman is always insecure with omwafrika near his females


Mind games galore

Nikona 9 inches, if you doubt uliza mama ya @PHARMACY

@Electronics4u aliban mambo ya kudeenya mama za watu kwa kijiji

The passage will always be adequate for the passenger.The man is not the passenger.
If it is too wide,ni wewe.Tafuta mwingine