From Sweden, the Dead Are Counting Each Other!

From Sweden, the Dead Are Counting Each Other

They are no longer counting on each other to get it right after being moved to different locations post Covid-19! The confirmed three locations where this is happening are; 1. Planet Indifference 2. Hell 3. Heaven.

When asked how they arrived at those locations, some claim it was by choice while many believe it was their fate. None claims ignorance: And that is good. A majority attribute it to; 1. Each other 2. Their Government 3. Novel Coronavirus, …in that order of increasing magnitude of blame game. What a strange tally? It is still unclear how this information has reached our reporters but we are certain somebody needs to take responsibility for what happened in Sweden!

On a related note, we also now know that Covid-19 has been heavily commercialized and even the test being provided have a lot of false positives. And they say once they get a vaccine (God forbid), it shall be made mandatory to do viral PCR test and an antibody test. For us, we root for the disease to disappear, the way it appeared!

As for the Covid-19 tests, they say the first test(PCR) checks whether one has an infection. If PCR positive then they go on “treatment” with the expensive remdesivir, and a few more FDA approved drugs. They will do a repeat test thereafter. If negative they shall still insist on an antibody test to check for immunity to Covid-19. That is where Mr. Bill Gates investments will pay off. Woo unto you who thought billionaires give freebies! Oh, it costs at least US $ 300 to have the tests done as pre-return to work minimum! Again the insurance might not cover for it (especially once the emergency is over), and the co-pay will be eyebrow raising! Let’s pray that all the above are falsehoods and the work of some alarmists!


That is as good as it gets!