From security to threat

A track driver, with all documents and a badge delivering food supplies to one of the hospitals was stopped and whipped mercilessly while being asked “unasupply foodstuffs kwani wewe ni foodstuffs”.
Such people were exempted from the curfew.
Say no to police brutality

Full vid?

i think niko nayo


Aki hawa ma D minus watatuonyesha makuu.


I saw the video,they didn’t even care he had everything in order and was exempt from the curfew.They just wanted to beat him from the get go

merciless humans

Kwanza that female officer ni humbwer she should be sterilized asizae watoto wajinga kama yeye

Wow, this is low…

Alikuwa anachochea sana

Mtoto ya kutahirishwa na kihìì ameongra

Alikuwa anachochea sana

how come the cops dont seem to mind that they are beibg recorded ?
that video is not from a hidden camera.

I wonder kama wanachagua watu was NASA au Jubilee…Kenyans should learn from this

Why do we pick D- material to be our policemen?

Coz they’ll follow orders without questions, no matter how absurd.

Not right but the driver is also on the wrong,which sick people need blue band.I thought ni food stuff like taking cooked food to a quarantine facility

SMH are we only catering for the sick people? The rest can die of hunger?

tulikuwa na our own dci guards