From President to Opposition Leader! It's Becoming More Interesting By The Day, hehehe

This is uhuru leading a group of opposition MPs into a meeting at maasai lodge. He was blocked from holding the meeting at statehouse by the way. He is now officially the leader of the opposition. Hii ni kali sana.


Mzae lazima akae bizzi Wadau.
He has too much money and nothing to do.

Uhuru is actually trolling Raila at this point, ati my leader is baba raila odinga. The dynamic duo imemaliza mzee kabisa

huoni kwa zile picha venye ana smile kimatharau. Yaani hata haezi onea baba huruma.

:D:D Ni kichaka wapi huku wamekutana? The chairs are different. Ni kama wamesanyasanya from different areas



:D:D Kuzimia

Human weakness…not knowing when to stop.
Guilts a real muhfucker.


Wamemaliza huyu mzee na ODM kabisa, Raila hatasumbua hawa watu tena

Poetic justice ama ni karma??

@horus07 atu uhuru amesema handing over power is his what? :D:D

Jayden can go back to his office in state house but he can’t face it anymore. Machungu ndio mingi. Also right now President Ruto advance teams are in State House as part of the preparations. That scene for him is hard to bare. Mnapanga meeting ya ASSimio and Itumbi and Spear are putting the microphones there for live broadcast on Facebook :smiley:

Hio ni kitambi ama tumor?

Interesting times ahead

Huyo jamaa pombe ilimharibu kabisa. Grossly incompetent individual. So it’s true that before 2013 cucu ngina couldn’t trust him with family business yet they selfishly loaned us the clown atuongoze?

By the way…si pia Ruto was turned away when he went to Moi’s place some time back.

By the way hawa waseh walionesha Ruto madharau…theres nothing honourable about them.

yaani Recce squad inawacha cameraman nahio camera kubwa kama bunduki akaribie president hivo . akiangusha kwa kichwa ya msito ? UDA acheni madharau

Why so much vested interests?

First order of business on 14th is getting the port back