From one Zionist Stooge to Another.

Trump was a diehard Zionist. But even when he left, the Jewish elite have made sure that the new administration will still remain aggressively pro-Israel.

One journalist put it best when she said that, “Biden Will Have The Most Diverse, Intersectional Cabinet Of Mass Murderers Ever Assembled”, for those who can’t read between the lines, that’s a euphemism for; progressive/leftist war mongers and AIPAC shrills, who in their long careers have been advocating for misguided foreign policies and military interventions like preemptive strikes against Iran.

For those who doubt me. Check out the current line up.


The real Deep State of the United States-Jewish elites. Hao wengine ni kelele tu. They are the one who chooses if there will be war or peace.

The leaders of Republican and Democrat party are Zionists. Don’t you remember even Nancy Pelosi was upset at Rep Ilhan Omar for discussing Israel’s human rights abuses? What saved her from losing her seat was her Somali people. Somali people have loyalty to the community stronger than any outsider can break. Only Somalis themselves can break that loyalty

In short both democratic and republic paries are owned by same entity

Yes. AIPAC. Most people don’t know that.

True. That’s why Trump was still regarded as an outsider even by members of his GOP. They disagreed with him on many matters associated with basic party ideologies

I hate Israel and I wish the country gets shafted big time for what they do to Palestine.

Yep iam suprised at how people can be divided by people who claim to have diff views on life yet dine at the same table its time for an epiphany.

If those Zionist decide Somalis out,watarudi Somalia,ilhan is nothing.

Hata bwana ya Kamala Harris ni jew, huyo najua Mossad ishamuweka kwa mfuko.

I wouldn’t be surprised.

mimi kama senior Zionist defender of Gods people i approve.

but kuna misinformation CIA director nominee is William Burns who isnt a jew

Itabidi Hamas wafanye mambo but seriously when did people start this jewish lunacy.

Divide and rule tactic but people are too blind to see.

Jewnited states