From 30m to 150k

Philip Moi has a reason to smile after the court of appeal ruled that he will be paying his ex 150k per month and not 30m and a house of 60m.

Huenda judge alihongwa kwa hii kesi

150k per month until he dies ama? That’s 1.8m per year. In 15 years, the 30m starts looking like a good idea.

150k each month and you will not hitting it. Kweli wanaume tuna shida.

30+60 = 90m
150*12 months= 1.8M
90/1.8= 50 years
Will she be alive?

Angalia hii post

Question is what is the stipulated timeline. If she dies, can the kids inherit the 150k/month as part of her estate?

The 150k no. Thats upkeep for her. If the kids were under 18 they would have theirs also.

That 150k is not enough to sustain her in a lifestyle like the one she was used to when they were together. She will go looking for more…

Sawa. If the Moi’s cant sustain her let her go to the Odingas or Kenyattas or Wamweres

:D:Dni kama kutoka kwa CEO na kuenda kuolewa na watchie

Aaaaaai mboss!!