I don’t know what this is but do we have Kenyan men doing this? I wasn’t this much of a beta male


You can almost literally feel this beta male’s pain when he texted “lmaooo.”:D:D:D Lakini who lied to these niggas that you can get a woman by acting like her girl friend or gay best friend? If it reaches a point where she’s telling you about her sexcapades unafaa tu ujue continuing with the pursuit is like trying to feed a dead dog. Lakini hii beta bado inaendelea kuchat even following up with her the next morning like the loser he is.

I am sure kuna app inaweza Fanya hii ufala

Hii ni mashida ya US

most likely the poor sod even fapped to the thought

Kuna msichana ninamtaka hapa nilipo lakini shida ni she is somewhat close friends with my young sister.

I get the feeling like if i get with her it will be really awkward for her ama its all in my head?

Any advise you can lend a brother?

Niko na bonge la hekaya about meeting this girl lakini hiyo nitaibwaga when the girl becomes mine which will happen really soon.

Nimemchunguza(not in a creepy way ofcourse) for almost 2 weeks and this girl is hands down one of the most beautiful souls i have ever come across she is pretty, she is not sexy and she is not a drop dead gorgeous looking girl but she has a great vibe/energy to her and great manners. She was definetly raised well.

Huyo lazima Nitampata.

She will be mine.

Shoot your shot but are back of your head ujue sometimes hio itakuwa relationship ya watu watatu: wewe, sister yako Na huyo dame.

:D:D hiyo sasa ni nomare!

So what’s attracting you, ama you are not good with ladies?

She is pretty but she is not sexy basically i mean she is not a girl that will turn my head if she passes by.

Tuko pamoja ama bada unazurura?

Bado nazurura, I mean what would make you fuck her if you don’t find her sexy at least in your standards?

Good question.
She has a pretty face, an okayish body and good personality it seems like that was enough for me.

Hii maneno unafaa kuwa unamwambia. Sasa ukiambia talkers watafanya nini?



Io pep talk unajipea alafu akujibu “you’re like an elder brother to me ndio utajua upara si hairstyle”


Instead ya kujenga boy wako mnamvunja miguu.

Akiniambia hivo itabidi nikanyage lami kwa amani.

:D:D:D:D:D:D wueh…hii nimeifeel…heh that nigga ako kubaya.alafu to make matters worse unapata ni dame ameleak hizi texts kwa socialmedia…ama huyo boy alomtomba.

The only friendzone I engage in ni ya colleagues ju staki upus ya
‘o Brayo can you do me one tiny lickle favor’

Lakini huku field when the mama hakufeel na anadai kukuboardisha friendzone flight?

‘I’m not boarding’ I’ve enough fake friends anyway.

Ivi ndio maboy hujengana, matusi proper ndio ukifika kwa court mzae ujue ukirusha baby… Kwisha wewe.