Friendzone! Je, ulitokaaje??

Easy. Ajaribu sports pesa

:D:D kwa mikono miwili


na pesa za helb? alafu ajinyonge :smiley:


Friendzone mtu hatokagi. All subsequent manoeuvres are tacky, predictable and awkward. As TLS said, ABCs-Always Be Clear from day one. And my personal ABCs-Always Be Closing.

Cosign…mi huambia dem niko na marafiki wa kutosha pia. Desperation ndio hucost wasee

chasing pu**y for more than a month nukukojolea you ego and self worth as a man(jerrydubiz, 2016)

She was my friend from 2003 while studying. It was all friendship and we became so close. No one made it clear on where the friendship was heading. Sikuwahi itisha vitu. First she was a GMO Pumpkin and slightly odler than me, so sometimes i felt ashamed walking with her in public. She got bumbu from i dont know where and i used to be with her n i have no clue she is heavy. Only to be told later after she disappeared for sometime that she gave birth. Ok niliskia ka uchungu flani but ni sawa tu.

She came back and we cleared together. We were friends like nothing happened. She explained about the complications she went through during delivery blah blah blah seeking sympathy. Nilikuja gonga vitu after four years of friendship and any other time we met. We can still fuck anytime we meet

it takes time kutoka lakini it is worth it.
cheki vile mapink handles wamenyamaza.
i’m sure kuna maboy wamewatoka friendzone ni vile tu aibu haiwezi fanya watoboe hiyo story

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:D:D:D:D wameenda mitini

I had a female friend who at some point doubled to be a room mate.
I used to sleep decker ya chini na yeye ya juu.
She would change at night into nightdress na anapanda juu ya bed analala.
na mimi nalala
in the morning we could all wake up take shower and go for lectures.
For a whole year she was a roommate and I never touched leave alone caress her.

1st Was she attractive?
2nd Are you straight?

Answer 1)She was average.Nothing much to fantasize about
2)I am straight…but I was a virgin then…feared pussies like ebola


:D:D:D:D:D:D and up to today hukufry?

I later found out from reliable sources that alikuwa ancheza away game…She never used to bring over guys but she was always spreading her legs in other hostels

Answer: Niliboeka…Although we are still close friends…I dont think I will ever do it

Hapo umetudanganya. Why were u sharing a room with her in the first place? If in an ideal situation, a man should not share a room with a sister, why would you share one with a stranger.

pengine aliambiwa fibre optic haiwezi beba signal.
manze hadi unashower na mtu na humkamati?
hiyo ni zone haieleweki.

Boss dame alikuwa wako na ulimangiwa…am sure yako ni ile case wapata dame wako ameliwa na ata kk guards kwa gate…kubali ndo umove on

I didnt think you guys wanted the whole story

But here it is.I had a room mate of mine(male).
Akapata dame next house.
Akanishow instead of kushindia kukuchapa exile(redcard) everytime I need to fuck my gal …we [B]enda huko na yeye akuje huku/B
Thats how i ended up having a female roommate(NB:Our hostels used to be exempted from silly silly stupid 10 to 10 rule)

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POOR sod! but i can relate…

so were you and he showering together or was it you and your male roommate?
if the latter, then my guy you were doing it all wrong.