Friends School Kaimosi Girls bans make-up for female teachers ! Sema Kushindwa na Kazi !

[SIZE=6]School’s ban on makeup evokes mixed reactions[/SIZE]

It, however, indicated that they may apply makeup when away from duty and students.


A decision by a school to ban women teachers and staff from using makeup at the institution on Friday caused outrage in the social media.

Friends School Kaimosi Girls High published an order asking its female staffers to stop using makeup within the compound and while taking students on trips outside.

The letter, signed by the school principal, Violet Opala Oyungu, explained that it had become a tall order to ask students to stop using makeup because they claimed they ape their teachers.

“I write to inform you that we are finding it very difficult to correct some students over the aforementioned. They are pointing at us as the ones leading them into this,” the introduction of the letter said.

“I therefore ask that from the date of this letter, no female staff should use lipstick on eye makeup while on duty in school and while with students out for any school function,” it continued.

Contacted on Friday, the principal confirmed that she wrote the letter dated June 2 and promise to explain it later.

“I did the letter. Come to my office for an explanation,” said Mrs Oyungu.

The administration said it was unfortunate that the students had blamed their teachers on this.

It, however, indicated that they may apply makeup when away from duty and students.

“Let us remain proper role models to the girls in all ways. Remember your outlook is not your up-look,” the notice concluded.

But Akello Misori, Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers secretary-general condemned the controversial directive as misguided.

“I cannot get a good explanation for this is ill advised. There is nothing wrong with teachers wearing makeup. We should not turn our institutions to be religious shrines.”

How hard is it to have this rule 1. Teachers are adults they can make up and if you’re a student no make-up. This principal is an idiot and Magufuli should have her head.

Mwalimu Mkuu ana shida kidogo ya Osungu.dll.


I find it ok.

Thats good and you’re entitled to your opinion but please make me understand how it is OK to tell an adult they cant wear make-up.

the stupid teachers should also be forced to wear long akorinos dress,a school is not a beauty contest


The case of an ugly biash with issues like neffmatako.

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You will find that its mostly one very beautiful teacher being targeted…Women SMH


hii sasa ni upuzi gani? alafu mwanafunzi kuvaa make up inasumbua aje her understanding of concepts? some rules have no basis at all. Hii wivu ndogo ndogo ya wanawake hunishangaza sana, na hiyo wivu ndio hufanya mafisi wanakamua best friends or even mother and daughter. But we are not complaining

mtu sio kukaa kama jezebel na ako shule,hiyo tumekataa

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ati Jezebel tena? Jezebel alikua na urembo natural hakua na make-up bwana

Hio ndio ilifanya usishike kitu shule?

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ulikuwa unataka nishike nini @Mzee shoga?niko sawa vile tu niko

enda kwa shrine Subukia uombe pole pole wakameat

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