Friends and frenemies

So sorry. That fibula fracture…ooh no! It must have been a high energy impact. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Pole elder. Get well soon.

Get well soon

sorry mang

I sat on one of my testicles mountain biking, i can feel for you. zalisha asap sasa

it’s a myth, everybody feels the heat of once broken bones during their lifetime, children included. OMWAMI akunywe supu kwa wingi, the calcium is effective

Mujamaa issa jo, apo sasa nmeiona sio a laughing matter. QR

Quick recovery mjamaa, yangu ilikuwa femur ikabidi nimewekwa chuma. I know the pain you must have gone through. For now take lots of bone marrow soup, fruits and kienyenji veggies. But let me kid you not, fractures take time to heal and it’s advisable to avoid akoho and cigarettes coz they lengthen the healing process.
All will be well

Thanks purple, African men are highly resilient

I don’t do cigarettes but pombe hio dio inasaidia kumalisa pain

I honestly doubt that sh’t happened to you, but now I know you’re in the medical field and where you hail from.

Pole wakanesa,what happened?:oops:ulipatikana kwa pipi ya mtu?

Ulifanya nini kiongos

Y do people here doubt anything, because I had the worst accident in my life I must be crying like a baby? I fell at my shamba in b2 .triped a rock and rolled over and my left leg and ball landed on stones hence the fracture. And I am not a medic not can I be ,am a Shylock even dieties know I can’t lie and a farmer. Nothing more nothing less. I can’t post my legs here for bastards to later use against me,u understand right? But truly am in pain. Bad pain .but also I have all the time to comment every fuckin thread

Get well soon.
You aren’t too badly off. Manipulate your brain a bit and console yourself by imagining what it would feel like if you broke both legs and not trying to imagine what if the accident wouldn’t have happened.
You would be in a wheelchair, unable to do shit for yourselves…and a lot people are in this situation.
So be thankful that at least you can navigate around with crutches and do some of thr basic stuffs.

I am not downplaying your accident, just giving you a kind of coping escape route to feed your conscience into being more appreciative. Anytime you feel sad, think what if the accident had a worse outcome.

Quick recovery.


Have had sciatica for the last three months and I have to tell you now it won’t be easy, especially if you were used to a high activity life…
But you will emerge stronger and wiser, and know the value of what you had but took for granted.
This is your test as a man, and you will be required to pass it. All the best and quick recovery.

Just when I think I have problems, again, za uku zinanihumble… Quick recovery to you sir.


Quick recovery