Friends and frenemies

I have had the worst accident in my life am nursing a broken leg, one testicle I think is functionless ,I feel sad niggas. Why didn’tGod design mettalic human beings ?Fuck Fuck Fuck shit

:D:D funny at the same time am feeling sympathetic.

Fuck you

Umesema hii accident imefanyika leo ama? Alaf hauna wife waku kuosha ukijakatia weight

[ATTACH=full]356123[/ATTACH]kush the ngiri, please take your fat mouth far, Pole kiongoss is better am almost breaking down na u think am joking.

The only place I have thought best to seek solace is this evil streets full of strangers, not watsup or facebook coz I don’t attend those. I think am a tough sob coz this pain thought would make me cry like a bitch

Pole man. I feel this pain. You recover quickly.

Pole Sana; wish you a fast recovery

Thanks pit bull, man must suffer today is my day

Take it like a fukin man, don’t be sissy,kwa makende @Mundu Mulosi Bs Ms Ma PhD and ScD will advice you on how to live as a mono baller

Quick recovery.

Brown skin niaje?

Poa 150kg of pure unadulterated blubber.

Iza buda, quick recover.

Oh pole. Quick recovery and join mundu for advice on how to survive in the monoballers club.

Be precise about which mundu you are talking about.

Mkamba, how did you come to break your leg that bad? Ama ulipatwa ukinyonya mke wa wenyewe?

If you are over 30, it will take time to heal or may never heal completely. Pole Lakini.

The pain must be somting else. Pole sana msee. Get well soon.

Pole sana boss. Quick recovery

Pole elder. Quick recovery