Friend zone


Boy children, this is for you.
George Kopiyo
22 hrs
Unsolicited advice to the boy child…
The “friend zone” is a terrible place. A situation where there is a mismatch in romantic feelings or commitment between you and the woman of your desire.
Being in the “friend zone” is the art of selling yourself short. It is akin to having found oneself in a jewellery shop with no money, the jeweler encourages you to hang around and help other customers with their shopping.
The friend zone is a raw bargain. You give everything and get very little in return. You become the proverbial carpet cleaner, always there when things get messy. The sad news is this. Being friend zoned by a woman of your desire is a polite way of being rejected.
And because you are trying too hard to find or feign acceptance, you act too nice. Always sending good vibes and writing lengthy poems. Unrequited love is deeply romantic.
As you suffer the “friend zone,” the woman of your dreams is busy with her real love life, moving from one serious relationship to another. Your “dream love” has no qualms dating or even being engaged to another man, right before your eyes. The "friend zoned " man is the official tissue bearer. The duty of being “nice” includes sending her heartfelt congratulatory messages of “goodwill” on her engagement to another man.
But your place is important in her life. Often called upon to provide both emotional and material comfort during periods of heart ache and disappointment. You are officially part of her girlie group. She calls you up to hang out and chat, largely about gossip and her past boyfriends but not your relationship or commitment. Being romantically undesirable to her, she will still insist on having you around because of “other” social benefits she gets from being associated with you.
So that as you are busy with long poems, sending flowers, throwing surprises by interrupting prime time news with birthday wishes, cards and cake, Jowi Jowie is the man in her bed driving her crazy, trying hard to fertilize the eggs. And when it does not work with Jowi Jowie, you are as reliable as the sun, rising to the occasion with long public displays of affection to prove that you are the BEST “friend” since chewing gum.
And then the whole “friend zone” circus starts all over again.
They say that if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. My personal philosophy is this; if you love someone who is openly rejecting your overtures disrespectfully and incessantly so or where such love bears no reciprocity, you are either brave, foolish or both.
If she comes back, you must be priority number 1000 in her scheme of things

Did you have to use so many words to call out @spear on his shenanigans?

The dude is crazy.

Rule number 1. Don’t be friends with women and expect “mercy sex”.
Rule number 2. She is either your girlfriend or refer to rule number 1

Enyewe apo Itumbi alijiangusha…such an asshole…ama niaje @spear

sasa ndiyo atakuwa friendzone mpaka kwa I.d.

To the ladies, when you accept a man you friend-zoned atakula wewe na a switch on hiyo button ya friend-zone…utalia.
If you decide to friend-zone, do it for good.

Please dont be hatin’ on Jowi,Jowie that man can give you a fine looking daughter complete with them big doe like eyes and dimples ! You see the problem with many men is they are a number 3 or even 1 out of ten and they want a number ten woman. How is that going to be possible? Unless you use juju like a Nigerian? Or you got tons of money like Malong Yor ? Now here you are you as ugly as hell, you as broke as a church mouse and you believe you donnt deserve anything less than a beyonce look alike. And thats the real problem.Its not because you spend money or shower the girl with gifts , thing is first of all you’re feeling the pinch coz you spend money on her that you dont even have. So this is like a beggar bribing you to sit and talk to him. If money and gifts didnt matter why are all these Sudanese men the young and old having the most beautiful Kenyan women ? Thing is this , supply vs demand. If a man who looks better or has more money is available even if you drown the woman in gifts she will leave you for those people bcz women arent stupid they can tell your socio economic class no matter how much you fake it. And women too need handsome men so they can get cute kids. Considering that firsst comes financial security ,next comes looks. In that order so if you have none of the above then just resign to your fate of dating average women. Simple as that, theres no magic formulas in life.

Ladies never be friends with men I know a woman who was drugged and raped by a guy she had been friends with since childhood to a point she thought she could crash on his sofa, ngoja nitafute hio video. Infact the advise Red Pill gives men is actually what women need more - dont be in friendszone with any man because all he wants is to sleep with you and he’s just pretending to be a nice guy to get into your panties.
Here is the video, theres one by a Kenyan woman as well but I cant find it…Be very very careful about being in any compromising situation where you take gifts from a guy because you think you’re frens or you are alone together anywhere. Men are werewolves, ikifika midnight they turn from sweet protective frens to ferocious fisis.

@The.Black.Templar hebu cum kiasi

Make a choice … kibwenye ama mucakwe

Dennis Itumbi’s father knows he raised a doormat :smiley:
If you’re a doormat please don’t do it so publicly and embarrass your whole family. Have some pride ghasia takataka mharo ya punda saitan!

Am I the only one who makes it clear to ladies of my intentions with them? If she accepts my advances hallelujah if not I just fvck off. Just like that. No being friends bullshit or anything like that mimi hujitoa tu.

me immediately she gives me her number I start calling or texting right away hakuna kuwaste ‘hey I want you female!’

I have friends who are girls and there is nothing romantic between us. It’s possible to be just friends with a girl

I agree. Ii mentality ati kijana na manzi hawawes kuwa friends tu ni upusss


It is as long as your expectations are set right.

His father was an absentee one,he is from a single mother family setup

Maybe that’s why. Having a father around ni muhimu in one’s journey to be a man