Friend with benefits

It’s been a year of up and down till when we meet all our rappers in the same studio and decided the kwani ni kesho jam must be realized this week.
Man the year has been full of shit only Uhuru and the swam of thieves in the parliament enjoy these tuff moments what a waste of two clean year’s I was working in a bar and since then we have no hope of reopening, so I decided to look for work in hospitality ,in Kitale, things are much different we go to work at 3 and close at 7 pm due to the Uhuru rule and paid peanuts.
This year I decided to use all of my savings to venture into maize farming as you all know Kitale maize farming ni swafi sana.
But since I laid my seed down akuna mvua so as I am waiting for rain and my salary I have this jam kwani ni kesho with my friends check it out

kenyan music industry is shit…invest your money elsewhere bro…

All the best lakini kupenya itakuwa hard. Afadhali hiyo pesa u bet nayo.

Kenya ni ngumu kupenya Kwa hii industry