Fridge Recommendation 70K Budget

Am looking for a Fridge Recommendation within Nairobi at a Budget of 70K

If I was to go back in time, there are a million things I would do very differently. Of course, I would still buy the car before the plot, but not the fridge before the washing machine. 70k is enough to buy me quite a terrific washing machine, an equally terrific vacuum cleaner and a 8l instant pot. Never again will I buy a fridge or a microwave. Never, unless ziwe nanunua za biashara.

Assumptions. Elder amesema hana washing machine? You are simply casting the doubts on the statements you are giving about self

I am sorry, Man! Just ignore.

Wrong reply man. He asked for a fridge and not a washing machine. Any other advice that wont touch on a fridge reccommendation will be null and void.

Sionangi haja ya fridge Kenya unless you are a very busy bachelor living in leafy suburbs.

I thought fridges are some of the simplest things to buy… Just ingia hotpoint/carrefour or naivas and survey whichever LG or Samsung fits budget and which outlet is cheapest

Kwani unataka fridge ya mortuary?


thread closed


Lakini watu huku wana advice ingine haimake sense. Mtu anaulizia fridge na nyinyi mnaanza kumuambia vile he doesnt need one. Si peaneni tu recommendations bila kuanza kupeana personal advices.

What’s so complicated about buying a fridge?? OP pia aache ujinga.

  1. Japanese marque (Sony, Hitachi, Sanyo)
  2. Korean marque (Samsung, LG)
  3. Reputable Chinese marque
  4. Unknown Chinese marque

Usiweke fridge kubwa kwa rental kama fala.

anything by samsung… huchapia around 50k

Please make sure you buy a reputable Brand with Proper[SIZE=5][COLOR=rgb(44, 130, 201)] Local Support and Warranty[/SIZE].

Had a nasty Experience after Importing a Fridge from Europe.

Sometimes good to get to know end user experience of others …

A lot can be complicated…

Frost Free, Top Freezer, durability…