Friday's here - for all baby mommas in the house

This week was looong, this weather sio ya kufanya kazi ni ya kukaa kwa maji kama mamba,unatoka kukula na kulala pekee. . So my official Fryday song alafu Baby Momma Dance Challenge. I am retiring early, afte itanipata kwa maji.

Dedicated to wide loads hawaja angusha mzigo. Raha jipe mwenyewe.

Hii family imenimurder

Mommas, time to log off and go for that massage or swim or woteva coz a woman’s work is never done. NEVER!!! Make time to have your personal fun. Btw kesho temperatures will be 31 degrees so fom ni swimo -short rains are coming, baridi irudi , I dunno why Nrb feels hotter than MSA or MLD at the same temperature ? Its only a woman who can understand this song.

Ukienda spa dont start a fight esp if its a Chinku staffed - this here is Brooklyn, fight broke out after black lady refused to paay for poorly done nails

And if you dont want salon folk chopping off your hair accidentally dont let anyone with scissors near you . Stay woke .

Kwa wale wako down,pick urself up ,life is too short for stress. Get back on the horse. Blessed

Nitakuwa kakamega this weekend, leta some hints on good places

Wewe mama unaniangushanga Sana ,kwani hukusoma G.H.C , March to June Ni long rains na September to December Ni short rains,sawa :D:D:D:D:D