friday rock/alternative rock & pop with imei.........

Where are you fans at thank god its friday…leo tunaanza na greatest band ever coldplay kamateni hizi…

nice weekend ya’ll

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tune into the fuse on capital fm they playing some good Rock


Tuned in

my playlist


Alternative Metal / Nu Metal

Mwanaume ni rumb,uliza purr30.

Boring programme. Tangu Qui atoke ni kama alienda na standards. She had great playlists and she knew her bands well. Introduced me to lots of bands and everyday of the show was fun in a way. Mix za Friday she wasn’t afraid to tell wdj that he is boring whenever he played shitty music. I remember at one time she brought in protégé. Huyu mwingine sijui wanjira ni kama anapendezwa na CK kwa studio. All she does is talk about CK and play shitty pop music. Leo mix za WDj sounded more edm than Rock especially the set where he maintained the tropical house KYGO beats

the ck part is true
Wanjira Longauer (DFHKHBLBMBH material) her playlist is not that bad give her a chance

nickleback is awesome and yes I still listen to their music although I’m into metal and hard rock

Kwani anapewa chance miaka mbili? I had already moved on. Leo listened by chance juu ya mtu nilikuwa naye.