Freyja can't take it anymore

I understand the therapy that comes with shouting


Just a mannerless roto-shaped Kikuyu woman shouting.

clearly mwenda wazimu.

Low IQ Homosexual nonsense

Hiii mumama ni umbwa sana.

Si afungue mini-mart kwa ploti yake yake apeleke hii ujinga.

Why are we normalizing stupidity?

Is it normal to shout like that at a public place?
Kuna wire imekatikia yeye

@Aka mpole is just as crazy.

He can’t take stomach racism in the US so he comes here ranting, screaming and talking smut about black people. That’s how he copes but he doesn’t realize that his weak diversity hire ass shouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near a US border in the first place.


Juzi tu he chimped out at Walmart. Not even a copium overdose can help this kijana meffi mentee wa @Ndindu .


Hio ni clout…
The fact that hio takataka imekua recorded from that angle doesn’t ring a bell?

Ktalk homosexuals = @uwesmake and @Cross Fire . The nuptials started their relationship at friends school kamusinga

Anything for likes. That’s millenials for you.