Fresh twist as Tob Cohen’s sister leaves the country before burial

Ms. Gabrielle Van Straten, the sister of murdered Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen, will not attend her late brother’s burial scheduled for Monday despite having been at the forefront of the funeral arrangements.

In a quite unexpected turn of events, Gabrielle flew out of the country on Saturday just a day after her late brother’s will was opened.

Her Lawyer Cliff Ombeta disclosed to Citizen TV that Gabrielle and her husband had returned to their home in Netherlands due to personal reasons.

According to Ombeta, Gabrielle had already completed her stay in the country and had to resume her other engagements back home.

Gabrielle was expected to attend the burial alongside close family members and Cohen’s widow Sarah Wairimu, who is a key suspect in the murder of her brother.

On Friday, Cohen’s siblings were presented with his will, which remains private, even as his estranged wife Wairimu and her legal team kept away preparing to contest the will in court.

According to insiders, Cohen who did not have a child left 50 percent of his estate to his sister Gabrielle and the other 50 percent is to be split into half between his nephew and niece.

His bank balances are supposed to be channeled to his sister, Gabrielle.

Sources close to the family revealed that the already contentious will has expressly left out Wairimu from inheriting anything in Tob Cohen’s estate.

Earlier on, there was a push-and-pull over the funeral modalities as both Gabrielle and Wairimu claimed the right to bury the deceased billionaire.

Cohen’s sister had demanded she be given the body as soon as the post-mortem is conducted but Wairimu objected insisting that despite the murder charges against her, she is still the widow and entitled to burying her late husband.

The two parties, however, reached an agreement and their lawyers, in a joint press address, announced that Sarah and Gabrielle would both take part in the family-members-only burial.

Wairimu is currently remanded at the Lang’ata Women’s Prison as police complete investigations into her alleged involvement in the murder of her husband.

Her lawyer is set to file an application on Monday to have the court allow her attend the burial scheduled to take place at a Jewish cemetery in Nairobi.

This sister knows what killed her brother. Why leave the country so soon after the will was read?

Philip Murgor has seen the exposed jugular vein. Let’s watch how he goes for it

The importance of attending burials and the rituals thereof is an African thing. She could be having more important engagements.

I doubt that the will can be executed in her favor if it is discovered that she was in any way privy to the murder.

It makes sense to treat her as a potential suspect too… and clear her if she is innocent… just like Wairimu and her friends

they were not close, cohen was a douche and she already collected her loot. What else was she supposed to be doing here?

Wairimu and co are not potential suspects. They are the murderers who stood to gain by eliminating Cohen.
She would have gained more through divorce than murder. Fools are just fools.

You really believe Cohen’s own blood sister ‘ate’ him??? Seriously do you believe your own sister is capable of killing you for your money? Is she not the one making noise that they (family) could now not reach him??


Greed blinds fools, case closed.

Upuzi whites put great importance on funerals and paying their last respects.It’s them that have brought upon the culture of storing bodies in morgues till all family members and friends converge from every corner of the world. Words like "She didn’t even attend her brothers funeral " can be interpreted as a direct insult.

From day 1 @Notapeoplesguy has shouted Cohens sister should be a prime suspect in this case. Sarah had nothing to gain from the death of Tob, in fact it was in her best interest to keep him alive to convince him to rectify his will.

Instead of carrying out proper investigations, it’s sad the DCI went with the cliche "Kikuyu wife murders husband " rhetoric. Sarah is innocent, I hope solid proof comes out in her defence.

She probably couldn’t stand the sight of Sarah acting as the"grieving widow".

That woman was only after the property. Nothing else. They want to disinherit a black woman. Racist Cohen, while alive, willed all his property to hus white sister, and none of his property to his black wife. His death is not a surprise to me. I pity kenyans turning against their women being used like trash by foreigners. That case will set a precedent which many of you will regret years later.

Your father will one day leave his properties to his sisters.

Sa ii its like ukiwa mgikuyu bwanako hafai kukufa.

I agree with you… She was a single digit IQ lady, whether she is the one who killed or not… she would have gained more through divorce and not murder… in fact she could have gained much much more if she was humble and not assault the man

Africans amaze again. Dramatic funerals are a preserve of bonobos. I understand that is the reason many cannot fathom missing a relative’s burial regardless. In my former job, I had my juniors interrupt departmental programs to attend burials of distant relatives regardless of how critical the programs were. Another idiot once took off with server room keys on a Thursday to attend a burial of a third degree relative in Siaya.

Am foreseeing an international warrant of arrest…

You truly need to watch more crime documentaries in Europe and North America. White relatives kill each alllllll the time over much lesser reasons than property.

Any serious criminal investigation does more than 360 degree information quest… Right now we have generally been made to follow the script that Wairimu is Kikuyu the murderer widow and are just waiting for sentencing… this is too shallow for any intelligent person… (She could well be the murderer)

I guess jews have similar values as a well.