So finally after Many failed attempts am finally overcoming my lanye addiction, but sasa it’s like am back to square one, Kwanza when dealing with kienyeji women… nimekatia mngine its like I can’t even read her signals, it was like She wasn’t interested, kumbe she was into me… its like am teenager again, fuck this shit!!!

Note: corporate women like @Finest wine are lanyes in disguise

End of rant

Wachana na porn pia

Self discipline brother, once you install that you are good to go.

Porn niliachia @rexxsimba ,that stupid momo lover

This village

What ails you this morning

Nothing ails me young man, after regaining self control I just realised how much cash I’ve been throwing at escorts, I don’t know how long I’ll last but nikilemewa naingia plantation

Nothing beats the feeling of asking for sex and getting without paying then hitting the highway after take 3.

We will be waiting… Might learn something from you Ama tuchoree

Tangu niache lanye signals za woman zinanikaganywa pia … fuck this shit! Unajua kwa lanye world hakuna signals ni highways with all lights on, hapa ni vitendawili unafaa utegue. Pole @Finest wine, alinipatia signal mzuri nikaloose opportunity coz lanyes made me low in reading woman signals. But niliachana na lanyes am learning @Finest wine

Good man. Hata kama sioni the original post. Wacha tabia za lanyes…na uko na bibi…huyo ni kosher.

Mimi nikiwa broke ata nipewe signals mia mbirri,siwezi respond

:D:DKama ni low maintenance fyeka, the elders have spoken