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Linkin Park’s One More Night[CD%20320].zip


Nice…let me download!

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Nice. Been fanning since Hybrid Theory

trying to download but noma haileti shangwe ama ni browser yangu?

NIggas its shit it had leaked kwani hamkucheki thread ya jana ya Linkin park[ATTACH]100732[/ATTACH]

tumia browser yenyewe, ama opera

Thank you boss

No i already got it juzi bumped not as good. here is where I detoxed…

a legend was lost last night alijinyonga after concert, this guy from audioslave na sound garden

not you, I meant @inajoma

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he had a very dope solo album and there’s a track he did with Timbaland. Oh well…

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@Jimit nimedownload but haiplay kwa rusimu rwangu. ati format not supported.

inakuja ikiwa zip, so unzip the contents, tafta RAR kwa play store itakusaidia


sande sana! I have been without some new rock music to listen to since mixcrate ifungwe

don’t raise your expectations, because what I’m listening to isn’t rock, but pop, or the softest rock ever

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he he he, ndio naskia. not bad though.

Told ya’ll this was depressing to listen to[ATTACH]100764[/ATTACH] and shit has ma pusha t in it.This was mad bad disappointing.Am giving it the I hope it grows on me treatment like hunting party did [ATTACH]100765[/ATTACH]

Having moved to metal, sithani naeza vumilia hizi blues.

Siku hizi mixes munadownload wapi wazito?
Nataka kadhaa za dj dolls