french vs german language

german like kikuyu is an ugly language in the words of frederick the great: ''The German language is confusing, difficult to use, does not sound pleasant, and is not rich in metaphors. ‘’. I find the French language like swahili, kamba or jaruo, supple.It has a melodious elegance.

Napenda German ndio niongeange kama msito Hitler ama Goebbels.

Truckers wenzako wamegoma Canada wewe uko hapa unaongea juu ya German.

French ni chieth. What they write is not what they pronounce. Je mapele is pronounced as dzu mapee.
In high school form one we were choosing between french na Business studies. Daro ya french i used to go blank and the mind shutted down. Ilibidii nitorokee Business studies.

I agree totally mkuu.Nili enroll alliance france kujifundisha French maze.I hated everything about the class.The way they teach is such that unaongeleshwa french through out from the security guys,reception ,mpaka kwa class.Tution they do in french.Maze i floated through out.I bought those their expensive books for 9 sausands.Didnt help.My mind was fixed on being taught eg the alphabet in french,then vowels etc etc as in bottom up.Maze niliboeka to death.Didnt even do exams,I quit.Enrolled for German elsewhere.Nilipita exams ka shit.


JAruo is a sigusting language. it sounds like witchdoctors chanting some evil spell.

This thread is just another case of bonobos arguing which massa’s language is more appealing than the other. I bet negroes can even kill each other out of the differences arising from these European languages.

Anyway, I realized French is shieet the day I learned that Number 99 in French i s quatre-vingt-dix-neuf; which simply means Four Twenty and nineteen or something like that. Yaani you have to do a lot of maths when just counting numbers.

It is the most beautiful language on earth.

All i hear is Omera hig hig hig hig hig hig hig mach iny iny iny iny iny ping ping ping ping mach inya inya inya inya inya

@Sokwe mtu ghasia leta transleshen.


French to me sounds like a language for retards. From how they talk to how they write.

Kitu nilisema lazima nijue ni Korean, German, Japanese na Russian.

What about latin America languages. Hiyo ukijua utapeleka injili ya @cortedivoire siwezi lipa more than 150 kwa hizo favela zao.

Kichinku you can learn it the easy way now ama the hard way ukiwa re-education camp

kikuyu and germanic languages are very different…

Hio siwezi. Jifunza. It’s easy but it’s a language of the slums.

Hehe, very true. German is complicated. Tried but hadi wa leo what i remember is gutten morgen.

French is easy to learn. Can speak at a length.

Portuguees is the most complicated. The only word i can remember is domingo for sunday…:D:D

Monsieur sava bia mesuuuu. :D:D:D:D hio ndio ile french nilishika wiki mbili.