French Foreign Legion

With each passing day am considering this path more and more. Just fucking tired with the monotony that my life has just become. To join is pretty straight forward. Show up in their recruitment base in France and go through the selection process. You don’t need to know French. Once you pass the tough 1st month, you’re officially in and given your white kepi. You also get a new identity and French citizenship after serving for 5 years.

My only question how hard is it for Kenyans to get tourist visas for france? What’s the cost involved ? Anybody who’s gone to France kindly informe me a little bit on the process.

That is a job for highly motivated people, not bored ones. ongea na maina njenga kuna job inakam 2022

its actually after 3 years or after injury in battle for France… whichever comes first

Why would you want to join a white mans army?

France is a shitty country

That is what i heard from a couple of comrades walioenda huko especially paris naskia ni taka taka kabisa.

But they can not be shittier than us cause we play in an exclusive league.

Do you my guy

Going to France is breeze for Kenyans unlike our west African brothers just need an invite card from a resident a letter from their local municipality some cash in your account and you get a shengen visa ! But the French foreign legion is not a day spa ! Something tells me you will be begging to go back to Africa soonest !

Utajipata Timbuktu fighting Mboko Haram. Afadhali uhustle mtaani.

Serving any army sio rahisi as any youtube video would let you believe, from my research there have been several Kenyans who have served the ffl my count was around 3…if you go through with the plan kindly check out this blog it has all the advice under the sun that you would need from where to join, where, what to bring, what to say and how to train before walking to augbane

Been there using a Schengen Visa. Chagua nchi rahisi kupata like Italy which shares a border with Le français . Lakini sasa, how will you just show up and be a legion kurutu?