French First Lady Brigitte Macron Loses Lawsuit After Being Accused Of Secretly Undergoing gender reassignment Surgery

the French First Lady’s lawsuit against the two women who alleged that she underwent gender reassignment surgery, Macron has lost. In fact, the case was thrown out without a hearing.

French First Lady and Husband
French First Lady and her husband Emmanuel Macron at a public event. By: Mega.
A video that aired on one of the accused woman’s YouTube channels claimed that Brigitte had the surgery at the age of 18.

Brigitte in turn claimed that the video invaded her privacy and breached her image rights.


“Gender reassignment surgery” is a vague and complicated mouthful. Please say it in plain English: what really happened when she was 18?

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Sex change

When she was 18 there was no gender reassignment surgery , they had just discovered penicillin !

She was once Macron’s high school teacher and he was smitten despite their age difference (24yrs) …the rest as they say…is HIS-tory.

Into what exactly?

So its pozbo for a gender reassigned male kuzaa? Thru duduu ama kunaendaje? She has three kids no?