@abunuwasi Waaa it is hard work now to go straight to our music. Some of it is blocked but nimeshika hii…


I think it was before

Try music pleer it has almost all songs you can think of

Sawa will do. But also means Freestyle and I have some spammer on us on this thread and it is hard work getting by the Gifs. I am listening to him but not able to post the videos. At least Freestyle and I speak kwa email and on phone.


I love this one Abunuwasi



Abunuasi here we go …don’t know where he is performing but I love it. He looks so young.


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Let me leave this one hia. Will carry on kesho…lurve it. Awesome beats by the Weeknd. I have enjoyed. Hope Freestyle will be able to scroll thru and catch our music kesho.



Its cool i can inbox if i come across something new

Yaa i did listen and those kids are just awesome. sported him he is the tallest. they are doing fine in the field , parents should be proud of them


I can barely find the link you sent last night coz there is so much rubbish that is making my head throb. But I do recall seeing Star boy in the play list…please resend to my inbox. I will cheza it from there. I thought this one was one of his latest. Thenks you learn something new everyday.


Weee the dad thinks he should drop music and do a proper subject, too late now. But he is doing 7 of those already. I can see where he is coming from but he is not doing it so that he can become Puff Daddy. He is doing it coz he enjoys it and catches the chunes quick and he can earn a straight A in it without sweating. Plus, I believe learning an instrument instils discipline and keeps him off the silly addictive games. Besides the boy hates Maths and Science…but is a star in History, Drama (has always held the leading role) and English…

Just check Chris Martin in one of the Manchester videos kule ametokwa na wazimu. He switches from a guitar to a piano in a second while his bandmate goes crazy on the drums…electric atmosphere.

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I love this one. Listening to it …thengiu muno.


And this one…


@abunuwasi …My Fav remains this one…


Remember he is our family friend as in kwangu na Wiz Khalifa.

@Miss Finest Wine im glad your enjoying the music
Do you know about SZA she’s really good


The lyrics are crazy hahaha

I did not know about her but will sure do. Travis/abs is/are our dinner guests. Kwangu na Wiz so that got me. Thengiu.