Okii thats good. @Freestyle is also in Kenya. Besides I have 20-22 year old music mad nephews so I am bound to catch a beat from them. They introduced me to Kwaito music from down SEUUUUTH and they are here in outer space. This Uzi guy is huge, huge, huge. Share any others when you can. Ignore the pest.


[ATTACH]125185[/ATTACH] Pest?
You talking about industry culture vulture like they ain got enough push already…you just a gullible dumb ass don even don know diff between a promo tour and album tour and its significance…
But anyway this nigga is trash and won’t let it slide [ATTACH]125187[/ATTACH]




hope well , will be reverting in a few , lemi me check out these tracks



Yeah sure

Many thanks Abunuwasi. I have worked my way through the great music.

Hey @Miss Finest Wine will watch out the vida in a few , clearing my table a bit. hope well

Yes I am good. Kazi imenikalia sana pia.

Did you manage to watch the video? the one in the middle is my beloved ‘wanking’ nephew. He is 14 but as you can see he is long legged kabisa, he speaks hapo after his friend. I gorra say the boy is really gifted. Got him into drumming, he brought his mates and they formed a group, came third in Seuth Lando in some competition. Wooi now I am in a bit of a bother. He has chosen music as one of his GCSE subjects and parents are not that happy but sisi twatembea to the next instruments which is playing the piano and the guitar.

His Dad was like wait a minute? when did all this happen? he was soooo impressed until the GCSE ting came up…

Hehe anytime. Do you listen to the weeknd?

Do I listen to the weeknd? woooi may my nephews/friends not hear you ask this question. You know he is crazy raight? yes I do almost every other other day. He is also Wiz Khalifa’s good friend.

Hehe i want to take you back not his newer stuff. Listen to house of ballons album. One of the best album of the decade

I think I have stumbled into some of his old stuff but always on the go so nitaskiza.

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no you’re not! you just ruined ROCKY!








Is the album round about when he was working with Drake? Ni kawazimu ketu so I am looking forward to listening to his beats.