another uzi bump thread dead…bitch


Nini inaendelea hapa sasa?

Abandoning the thread so don’t ask us questions pls. The stupid imbecile dived in with his ujuaji. Sisi tumeenda kwa simu. It is a bit late for me to delete the thread.

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Ok. Just wondered due to elerts. Am out.


Good. Leave Liberty. Enjoy your day.

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he has done what he does best SHITTING.

Am off,
We can do another thread latter.

You must be suffering from an unknown disorder.
see a psychiatrist please

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Try and put up another shit list to wipe my ass with

I ain even in a cursing mode but this is weak bruh…just heard a five year old talk more shit than you. You hand breeded faggot…no arimis needed

a grown man carrying a stuffed animal??

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APPERENTLY THIS THE NEW HARD LOOK to these dumb bitches…


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@Miss Finest Wine never thought someone in this village would be into lil uzi. I like the new album you should listen to:
The way life goes
Xo tour life
Money longer
Ps and qs
Some of my favourites from him

I am working my way thru his stuff. @Freestyle and I share a common goal. Music of all genres. Yes ametupeleka mbio sana. You must be based in the US.

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No im at home( kenya) ). I love music so much all genres. Thats what the youth in kenya are actually listening to right now

Ferk off

[ATTACH=full]125184[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]125184[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]125184[/ATTACH]

Got that soft touch on your ethugging skills bitch nigga[ATTACH=full]125183[/ATTACH]