Hie a good evening to you.

I bring my black Brit boys to you…1st of is Tiny


My Ty


This one kills us…


This boy from North Lando keeps us happy…


We mama si ulale


My laby comes in here



You remained our thingie headliner on EPL. We love you Tinie

We are bowing to Stormzy CUZOOO right now…OOOON POINT DUDE…I WILL BE WAVING FROM THE CROWDS …You are amazing…with the MANDEMS:)


They are wack. Grime is generally trash

Your trash…they are riding the charts you are not.


I ain’t sleeping becoz a fool said so. Enjoying our Stormzy sana. These black boys have worked so hard to get where they are. I listen to Stormzy all day.

Hello, just woke to find this post, going through them in a few, thanks

Mpaka my lazy Monday imeshika sasa, look forward to working

Let them reach atleast top 20 in billboard then we can talk


Love this too

Take your time. For me it is the beats and the message they spread. Oh and the struggle to get noticed. I like Adele as she really stands up for them especially Stormzy. I did not even play the real Grime artists like Dizzy Rascal, Skepta and all them mandems. I will post one of Dizzy’s later. He is a maestro. I knew you would like Taiwo and Laby as their music is not really gritty like Stormzy’s.
Snoop is hustling Simon Cowell (the Xfactor Guru). He wants a role in finding the best rappers and grime acts in the UK. I cannot wait.

I will be a DJ in my next life.