@Freestyle - Keith Sweat when you get a chance

Hope you had a good one.



niaje mami najua unapenda that sick bastard @incognitus but skiza hii chune though haiko clear kama ile ya sportify!..miss you and happy holodays…“vat 69”

Am old school, Keith Jasho apan tambua.
Skiza hii ya reggae sunsplash 1990


I love this chune sana Imei. I love those that can play an instrument and hold a tune vocally. A rare combi. Lakini ooooooooe usiite mzee wa kwangu bastard:D:D:D:D



How old are you really? Honestly, it perturbs me.

Giving Classics new life…it never grows old



Nakuona sana ukitolea bae wangu makucha ya ufisi. Chunga sana my fren:D


Sande sana

Allow me to think of you as idle, and v idle at that. If my age is in the list of things that perturb you in this day and age??? mmmmmh SMDweave. We should swop lists. Saa hii I am trying to cough up school fees for young relatives in 254. I committed myself early in the year, wakati umefika. I am perturbed here. I am trying to avoid text messages from 8vovo recent graduants who did their best but it was not enough. I do not have anything to offer them. I am perturbed because I know they are hardworking and there are better opportunities for them but I cannot do anything…see these are the kind of things that leave me perturbed.
Av a happy new year.

Moto Sana bwana VC…it’s a big chune.

No one can replace Don was up there on his own.

No one said he was being replaced. Just giving his music new impetus.

But the original is way better compared to reggae copy.

Of course that is a given. Few covers or remakes become better that the original. Though there are few exceptions like The Gambler by Kenny Rogers.

Well your penchant for superfluity lives up to its reputation.

Listen and listen good…I do not eat at yours or sleep at yours so the bill for my abundance/extravagance etc is happily picked by someone else so why worry?

Pls mind your lane. It is amazing how some folk rush out to slap someone’s cheek and when slapped right back they whinge till thy Kingdom come. I could ask you to tell me why you are derailing this thread but will not.

I will not listen but I will read good. When you get the cajunas to pick my calls, then I will listen. You’ve got some nerve to call me a derailer of a nondescript thread.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D You mean you read nondescript threads that are not even meant for you? I can pick your calls but you need to tell me when you are calling…go to bed now:D