There are 6 million freemasons worldwide. There are over 900 connected occult groups, including the rosicrucians, thelema, the OTO, Golden Dawn etc.

When people are like “it couldn’t be all of the celebrities (or politicians, or CEOs)” I think they’re severely underestimating the number of occultists that exist in the world.

They could endlessly choose initiates from within their own ranks and place them in positions of power and influence, and still have millions of initiates leftover.
In “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”, a book written by freemason Manly P. Hall in the 1920s, he says thousands of years ago, initiates were chosen as political and religious leaders. They’ve been placing people into positions of power for longer than you realize.

Also understand these are SECRET societies. They pride themselves on secrecy, and weave it into their initiation rituals. Loyalty is rewarded with power. They really communicate through symbols and allegory.

Just… learn a little bit about the symbols they use, learn to recognize them within music videos, movies, album covers, photoshoots etc… and then do yourself a favor and stop consuming the shit

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